Boy Expat

August 12, 2006

ok it has finally sunk in. im stuck in the middle east for 2 years. I don’t know it seemed exciting at first. The thought of leaving it all and establishing yourself in another land completely on your own. I’ve been aching for a chance to do that my whole goddamn life. but now that its here i find out its not all what it’s cracked up to be.

I blame this country for that. Saudi Arabia. Sheesh what a boring place. Really you have to bend over backwards to get some kicks here. Imagine no bars, no clubs, no booze, no sex. Translation: no life. That’s not even a tiny bit of what’s illegal here. Its absurd man.

Really, i feel like im back to the spanish era. Here we’ve got moral police who makes sure everyone’s being properly moral. You talk to a girl a you’re not married to, you’re dead. You take someone’s picture without consent, you’re fucked. i mean literally you will get fucked. They fuck grown men in their asses in prison. That’s what they tell me at least. I don’t want to find out myself. Anyway these guys are like friars man. They are the law. THey confiscate stuff. Mobile phones particularly. they can inspect your phone anytime. if it has a pic of a girl with just her shoulder showing , good bye nokia. just like that. They’re very mean and scary looking. Plus they’re rich and have numerous wives. No wonder people hate em. and its not just the expats. even the saudis hate them. cause nobody likes a killjoy nor a bully (especially assfucking bullies- a very dangerous combination). i mean i get the no alcohol policy but no talking to members of the opposite sex? that’s just plain stupid. its ironic how modern this place is and how barbaric their laws are.


its just like me to bitch about all the wrong things. there are some good things in this place. The work is good, challenging to say the least. the money’s not too shabby either.Can’t complain much about that.

Bottom line. i went here for the work and nothing else. And while its true that there are ways of going around a few rules, it really isn’t worth it to break em in this place. the risks are just way too high. not unless you’re gay (which means you don’t mind getting fucked in the ass). But im not, so really i better follow the rules for once. ive got something good going for me here. its not much but its something.

And im too old to screw this up.

well that’s it for me. ciao.


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