Saudi expat here (the real intro of this blog)

August 13, 2006

Im a twenty something city dweller from Manila, Philippines. Now im working in Saudi Arabia as a store manager in one of the localcoffee shops.   

It’s my first time to be out of the country man. And of all places i could have gone to I had to end up in this place. It’s one of those accidents that hurts like a mother. I applied for the position not knowing its an overseas job. (The ad was misleading) It was on the final interview,when the head honcho asked me “what makes you think you could adjust to Riyadh culture?” that i finally realized where the job would take me. My eyes widened, as if a cars’ headlights was going straight at me. And in the middle of this episode i still managed to BS a good answer. Good enough to get hired.

Why did i have to be such a why not person? So now im here. Logging in the hours, trying to get a semblance of a life in a place that couldn’t get anymore foreign than if it was from another planet. Saudi Arabia -sheesh. 

Im such an expat. This sacrifice has got to pay of. Im missing my family, my friends for this. I knew going here that it was going to be tough. But not this tough dude. The loneliness and the routine can really get to you. The dessert is such perfect imagery for the emptiness you feel when you’re here. Don’t believe it when they say the dessert is beautiful. Its huge and its barren. Its just plain space. I feel like im crossing a dessert, as i move through the hours and days and months till the end of my contract. Such a long journey. How could i, knowing my tendencies, could possibly survive this hell?

But the thought that im not alone in this journey gives me a little bit of condolence. Millions are crossing the same dessert of expatriate life. Heck my old man once did it. And if they did it then so could i. All i need to do… all i need to do is…

 Make it interesting;)  


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