HP NX6310 pavillion

April 9, 2007

intel core 2 duo 1.66Ghz

Memory 512MB

Hard disk: 60Gb/ 120Gb

CD Drive: Multidrie

VGA: 120MB

Display: 15″ XGA

Price is 41,000Php for the 60GB hard disk and 45,000 for the 120GB

Macbooks also available. See below:)


7 Responses to “HP NX6310 pavillion”

  1. rom said

    How much would an asus a8jr cost? thanks!

  2. dada said


    can you get me this?
    Acer Aspire 5100-5033 Notebook-AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-50

    its the one that i want… i REALLY want.

    also what are your payment options? just cash or do you accept credit card or installment plans?

    please let me know soon. thanks!


  3. Ana said

    Can you get me this model?

    Toshiba Satellite A135-S4527 15.4″ Widescreen Notebook PC

  4. Alucard said


    HP NX6310 pavillion

    intel core 2 duo 1.66Ghz

    Memory 2GB

    Hard disk: 60Gb SATA

    CD Drive: Multidrie

    VGA: 120MB

    Display: 15″ XGA

    How much is the cost? I’m thinking that if it will be around 45k – 46k then i’ll order.

  5. Tine Dequina said


    I would like to inquire about your payment options, shipping options, and not to offend you, but how could you guarantee that this is not just a scam…it’s not really a good idea to loose money nowadays, I know you understand. And it seems that you are abroad. Cash on delivery is one of your delivery options?

  6. Faye said

    @red716, can you please send me the full specs of this unit (hp nx6310)is it the GM967PA / GM966PA? im interested about your offer. please email me at cfayev@yahoo.com. thank you.

  7. hanna said

    please send me the pricelist of your laptops. are these brand new? I’m looking for supplier, my friends wants me to buy him cheap laptops. please send email at iam214u@gmail.com (please put your url on the subj) thank you.

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