why laptops here are so epensive

January 3, 2008

Well that was an eye opener. So im trying to sell my units to dealerships here and it turns out my laptops we’re too expensive for them to sell. with big dealerships pala they have to out at least a 20% mark up to their goods. Meaning their buyers are paying 20% to the store lang. That’s way too much, and that’s why laptops are so fucking expensive locally. Well i get it of course, i’m sure they have higher overhead that’s why they have to mark it up so high.

So what that this mean for me. It means i’ll have to sell these laptops myself. Heck i’ll go retail no problem. I mean i’m moving these babys through internet lang and word of mouth so far. Perhaps i could set up shop soon, as soon as i get capital that is. Then i could pass on the savings to the buyers. Because i get my shit direct, no need for the middle man. Well that’s the plan at least:)


7 Responses to “why laptops here are so epensive”

  1. jlow said

    Its still expensive.

  2. michelle said

    how much are u selling macbooks? 🙂

  3. leb said

    hi, when will you order laptops again?

  4. bernice said

    hey, are you still selling? do you have a latest pricelist? please send me one. thanks.

  5. TYLER said

    are you still selling. we want the updated pricelist. i prefer laptop with AMD turion x2 ultra processor because its much cheaper than those of intel core series. And i also prefer laptop with dedicated graphic card 256mb or higher. thx email me pls. I will buy my new lappy this december so just email me. fred21jr@yahoo.com

  6. vinz said

    still expensive!!

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